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THE EUROPEAN WAR, 1914-1*5. 


For King and Country. 

Carnoustie and District 


Now's the day, and now's the hour, 
See the front of battle lour. 

Liberty's in every blow ! 
Let us do, or die." 


'A year ago, when the sky was fair, 

We didn't think much of the barrack square, 

And now it is useless to count the cost, 

Or reckon the tale of the years we lost ; 

All that we cherished from day to day, 

Loafing along by the easiest way, 

Is shrivelled and seared by a scorching flame, 

Kitchener called — and the Army came." 

Oer., Glasgow. 

Our hearts, our hopes, are all with thee, 
Our hearts, our hopes, our prayers, our tears, 
Our faith triumphant o'er our fears, 
Are all with thee ! Are all with thee ! " 


% £008 


Adamson, Allan, Royal Engineers 

Adamson, Arthur, Royal Engineers 

Adamson, Norman, 1st Black Watch 

Aldridge, Charles, Scots Guards 

Aldridge, George, Canadian Contingent 

Aldridge, Robert, Australian Contingent 

Alexander, James, Royal Engineers 

Alexander, T., Australian Contingent 

Allan, George, 5th Black Watch 

Allan, John, R. A. M. C. 

Allison, James, 5th Black Watch 

Anderson, Charles, Royal Engineers 

Anderson, Charles A., Union Defence Army of S. Africa 

Anderson, Wilkie, R. A. M. C. 

Anderson, William, 4th Black Watch 

Anderson, William, 1st Lancashire Field Ambulance 

Archer, Gilbert W., Gossipore Artillery of India 

Archer, Ronald G., Canadian 48th Highlanders 

Aubertin, Capt. Thomas, 5th Black Watch 

Appleby, George, K. 0. S. B. 

Balfour, David, 5th Black Watch 
Balfour, Frank, R. A. M. C. 
Balfour, Peter, Royal Garrison Artillery 
Balla, James, 5th Black Watch 
Bain, Hugh, 1st Scots Guards 
Beattie, David, Scottish Rifles 

Bell, D. H., Canadian Forces 

Bell, Joseph, Cameron Highlanders 

Bennet, John, 5th Black Watch 

Bisset, Feter, Royal Engineers 

Bisset, Peter, R. A. M. C. 

Bisset, William, Scots Guards 

Black, George, 5th Black Watch 

Black, Robert, 5th Black Watch 

Black, Sydney, 5th Black Watch 

Black, William, Royal Engineers 

Blewett, John J., H. M. Coastguards 

Blunt, William, H. M. Coastguards 

Boag, William B., Royal Scots 

Bonner, John, 5th Black Watch 

Bonner, Sydney, 5th Black Watch 

Bonnyman, Robert, 5th Black Watch 

Bothwell, Clarence, Royal Naval Reserve 

Boyle, John, Scots Guards 

Brand, Charles, Black Watch 

Brechney, John, Camerons 

Braid, John, K. 0. S. B. 

Briggs, J., Highland Cyclist Battalion 

Bremner, William, 5th Black Watch 

Bremner, James, 5th Black Watch 

Brown, Andrew, Naval Brigade 

Brown, Francis A., R. A. M. C. 

Brown, John, Camerons 

Brown, James, Royal Engineers 

Brown, Thomas, Scots Guards 

Brown, William, 2nd Black Watch 

Brown, William, 5th Black Watch 

Brown, William, Royal Engineers 

Bruce, Douglas P., 4th Black Watch 

Buik, Alexander, Gordon Highlanders 

Burness, Hugh H., Royal Garrison Artillery 

Burnett, Walter, Royal Engineers 

Burns, Dr. William, R. A. M. C. 

Campbell, Col. Rev. A. J., Sen. Chaplain Tay Defences 

Campbell, David, 5th Black Watch 

Cameron, John, Royal Naval Reserve 

Carmichael, Duncan, Fife and Forfar Yeomanry 

Carmichael, Roderick, Scottish Horse 

Carnegie, James, Gordon -Highlanders 

Carnegie, Walter, R. A. M. C. 

Carter, George R., K. 0. S. B. 

Christie, Robert, 8th Black Watch 

Christie, J. Stewart, 1st Scots Guards 

Clark, David, Royal Navy 

Clark, David R., Black Watch 

Cochrane, James, 5th Black Watch 

Cochrane, James, London Scottish 

Cochrane, William, Army Pay Department 

Cockerill, William, Royal Engineers 

Coltart, John, 4th Black Watch 

Craig, David, Royal Navy 

Craighead, Millar, Royal Engineers 

Craik, George, Royal Engineers 

Craik, James, Royal Engineers 

Crawford, Charles, 9th Seaforth Highlanders 

Crawford, David, 2nd Black Watch 

Crighton, William, Royal Scots 

Crighton, R. B., Royal Garrison Artillery 

Cunningham, Reginald, Remount Department. 

Curtis, J. W., 11th Black Watch 

Darby, Alexander, Scottish Rifles 
Darby, Bailey, Calcutta Artillery 
Darby, Douglas, Scottish Rifles 
Darby, Ralph, Scottish Rifles 
Dargie, James L., 1st Black Watch 
Davidson, James W., 4th Black Watch 

Davies, Henry, Motor Transport 

Dempster, Charles, National Reserve 

Dempster, Frank, Scottish Horse 

Dick, Sydney, Royal Engineers 

Dickson, Dr. R. C, R. A. M. C. 

Dickson, Murray, Calcutta Scottish 

Don, R. G. ; Black Watch 

Dorward, Fred., 5th Black 'Watch 

Dorward, John, 5th Black Watch 

Douglas, James, Royal Engineers 

Duncan, Alex., South African Forces 

Duncan, Alex., 1st Scottish Rifles 

Duncan, Charles, South Otago Coy. of New Zealand 

Duncan, Colin, Royal Field Artillery 

Duncan, David, Canadian Contingent 

Duncan, David, Royal Engineers 

Duncan, Ernest, 5th Black Watch 

Duncan, John, 5th Black Watch 

Duncan, John, Royal Field Artillery 

Duncan, John, Royal Scots 

Duncan, Joseph, Gordon Highlanders 

Duncan, William. Scottish Horse 

Elder, John, 5th Black Watch 

Ellis, Malcolm, Highland Light Infantry 

Esplin, David, 5th Black Watch 

Fairlie, David, Fife and Forfar Yeomanry 
Falconer, Charles, Royal Scots 
Falconer, Thomas, Royal Scots 
Falconer, William, Royal Scots 
Fearn, David, 8th Black Watch 
Ferguson, Robert, K. 0. S. B. 
Ferrier, Frank, Royal Engineers 
Ferrier, Herbert, 4th Black Watch 
Ferrier, John, Royal Naval Reserve 

Fettes, James, Gordon Highlanders 
Findlayson, Alexander, 5th Black Watch 
Findlayson, Robert, 5th Black Watch 
Fleming, Charles R., Royal Scots 
Forbes, James, Royal Engineers 
Forbes, William, Royal Scots 
Ford, James, Royal Navy 
Fotheringham, George, 2nd Black Watch 
Fox. George, 5th Black Watch 
Fox, John J., Camerons 
Fox, Walter, 5th Black Watch 
Fullerton, George, H. L. I. 
Fyffe, Robert, 5th Black Watch 

Galloway, Robert, Scottish Rifles 

Garland, Andrew, Scottish Horse 

Gibson, Alex. R , M.A., 12th Canadian Mounted Rifles 

Gooch, Alfred, Cameronians 

Gorman, James, Royal Navy 

Gordon, William, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 

Gorrie, Captain Dr H., R. A. M. C. 

Gourlay, Louis B., Ceylon Mounted Rifles 

Gow, John, 5th Black Watch 

Gray, John, 5th Black Watch 

Gray, William, R. A. M. C. 

Guthrie, Charles L., Royal Navy 

Hamilton, Gilvary, R. A. M. C. 
Harris, Robert, 5th Black Watch 
Harvey, John, Ambulance Driver 
Henderson, James, 5th Black Watch 
Hendry, Allistair, 4th Black Watch 
Hendry, Walter, 4th Black Watch 
Hepburn, John, 5th Black Watch 
Herd, George, Royal Scots 
Herd, William, Scots Guards 


High, David, Royal Garrison Artillery 
High, William, 5th Black Watch 
Hogg, Alex. B., Royal Engineers 
Hogg, David S., Royal Field Artillery 
Hosie, James, R. A. M. C. 
Hosie, Ronald, Royal Engineers 
Hutton, Alex. G., Canadian Infantry 

Jamieson, Ronald, Royal Engineers 
Japp, Charles, 5th Black Watch 
Jarvis, Charles A. (V.C.), Royal Engineers 
Johnstone, Alexander, 5th Black Watch 
Johnstone, James, 5th Black Watch 
Johnstone, James, 5th Black Watch 

Keiller, John, 5th Black Watch 
Kerr, David, R. A. M. C. 
Kidd, Bruce, Royal Engineers 
Kidd, David, Camerons 
Kidd, David, 5th Black Watch 
Kidd, Edward, 1st Scottish Horse 
Kidd, George, Royal Field Artillery 
Kidd, William, Royal Engineers 
Kidd, Stewart, Scottish Horse 
Kinnear, James B., Royal Engineers 
Kirkaldy, David, R. A. M. C. 

Laing, George, Army Service Corps 
Laing, James, Royal Navy 
Lamb, David, Ammunition Corps 
Lamb, William, Royal Engineers 
Lamb, William, Royal Engineers 
Lamont, Daniel, Cameron Highlanders 
Laurie, Arthur, 5 th Black Watch 
Lawson, Fred., Royal Engineers 
Ledder, H. G., 5th Black Watch 

Leslie, Arthur W., Scots Guards 

Livingstone, Lionel, Royal Scots 

Lorimer, John A., Scots Guards 

Lownie, John, Scots Guards 

Lowson, Douglas, Royal Engineers 

Lowson, Robert, Australian Forces 

Lunan, Alex., 5th Black Watch 

Lunan, Nurse, Red Cross Hospital in France 

Lyall, Frank, Royal Scots 

Lyell, Alex., Royal Scots 

Macdonald, James, 5th Black Watch 

Macdonald, James, 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles 

Macdonald, W., Gordon Highlanders 

Mackie, A. L, 4th Royal Scots 

Mackay, Charles, 5th H. L. I. 

Mackay, Robert, Australian Forces 

Maconachie, Stanley, Royal Engineers 

Manby, James, Scots Guards 

Marquis, Ernest, Gordon Highlanders 

Marquis, Rupert, Seaforth Highlanders 

Marr, John, 5th Black Watch 

Marshall, John, Scottish Horse 

Marshall, Robert, Engineers' Unit R. N. D. 

Martin, David, Royal Horse Guards 

Martin, James, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 

Masterton, Forbes, Royal Naval Division 

Masterton, Gilbert, 4th Black Watch 

Mathers, William, Royal Horse Artillery 

Mathewson, Ernest, 5th Black Watch 

Mathewson, Robert C, 5th Black Watch 

M'Affer, John A. G., Royal Engineers 

M'Affer, Ronald, Royal Engineers 

M'Connell, John, Gordon Highlanders 

M'Crow, John C, Royal Engineers 

M 'Donald, Harry G., Royal Engineers 


M'Gregor, Alex., 15th Royal Scots 

M'Gregor, James St. C, Royal Field Artillery 

M'Kintosh, William, 5th Black Watch 

M'Kenzie, Ronald, 5th Black Watch 

M'Laggan, David, 5th Black Watch 

M'Laggan, Ernest, Royal Engineers 

Maclaughlan, Arch., 5th Black Watch 

M'Lachlan, John, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 

M'Lean, Robert, R. A. M. C. 

M'Lean, William, 5th Black Watch 

M'Leish, Charles, Royal Scots 

M'Leish, John, Royal Navy 

M'Leish, William, 12th Lancers 

M'Nab, John B., Royal Engineers 

Middleton, Alexander, 5th Black Watch 

Middleton, John, Royal Garrison Artillery 

Middleton, William, 5th Black Watch 

Mill, David, Royal Garrison Artillery 

Mill, James, 5th Black Watch 

Mill, John, Royal Garrison Artillery 

Milne, Francis M., 5th Black Watch 

Miln, Charles, 5th Black Watch 

Millar, David T., Canadian Engineers 

Millar, Henry R., Scots Guards 

Millar, James, 5th Black Watch 

Miller, James, 5th Black Watch 

Mills, Hector, R. A. M. C. 

Mitchell, Herbert, 5th Black Watch 

Mitchell, James, K. 0. S. B. 

Moorman, Charles T., H. M. Coastguards 

Morrison, James, Royal Garrison Artillery 

Morrison, John, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 

Morrison, George, 5th Black Watch 

Morrison, Norman, Royal Engineers 

Morrison, R. L., Royal Field Artillery 

Munro, A. N., 5th Black Watch 


Munro. William, Royal Engineers 

Munro, William, 5th Black Watch 

Munro, William J., R. A. M. C. 

Murray, David, 4th Black Watch 

Murray, David, Royal Engineers 

Murray, Henry, Royal Garrison Artillery 

Murray, James, junr.. Royal Engineers 

Murray, Archibald, 4th Black Watch 

Murray, James, Northern Bengal Mounted Police 

Murray, George, 5th Black Watch 

Mustard, Joseph, 5th Black Watch 

Myles, Russel, 4th Black Watch 

Myles, James, 5th Black Watch 

Nairn, James M., Army Service Corps 

Ness, Alex., 5th Black Watch 

Ness, Francis, Royal Highlanders 

Ness, Thomas, R. A. M. C. 

Nicoll, David, Royal Engineers (Signal Corps) 

Nicoll, Alfred, Scottish Horse 

Nicoll, James, Scottish Horse 

Norrie, Alex., Black Watch 

Norrie, William, Royal Engineers 

Ogg, William, Camerons 
Ogilvie, Alexander, 5th Black Watch 
Ogilvie, James, 5th Black Watch. 
Ogilvie, George, 5th Black Watch 
Ogilvie, John, 5th Black Watch 
Ogilvie, George, Royal Field Artillery 

Paton, Albert G., Royal Scots Fusiliers 
Patterson, Andrew, Royal Engineers 
Penny, Alex., Royal Engineers 
Penny, George, Royal Engineers 
Perry, William, 5th Black Watch 


Peters, George, 5th Black Watch 
Proudfoot, George, 5th Black Watch 

Ramsay, Charles, Royal Naval Division 

Ramsay, David, Royal Naval Reserve 

Ramsay, James R., Royal Garrison Artillery 

Ramsay, Philip, Royal Naval Division 

Ramsay, Ronald, 5th Black Watch 

Ramsay, Thomas, Royal Naval Division 

Ramsay, Ronald, Royal Navy 

Reid, Harry D. M., 5th Black Watch 

Reid, Harry, Royal Naval Brigade 

Reid, Howard G., Royal Field Artillery 

Reid, John, Royal Engineers 

Reid, James, Royal Engineers 

Reid, R. M., Recruiting Sergeant 

Richardson, William B., 5th Black Watch 

Robertson, Alexander, 5th Black Watch 

Robertson, George, Royal Engineers 

Robertson, Robert, Royal Engineers 

Robertson, D. , Motor Transport 

Robertson, Andrew, Royal Navy 

Robertson, William, Royal Garrison Artillery 

Robertson, John, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 

Robertson, J. L. B., Royal Engineers 

Robertson, John, Army Service Corps 

Robertson Charles, Tyneside S. N. Fusiliers 

Robertson, John, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 

Robertson, Thomas, British South African Police 

Robertson, William B., 2nd Royal Field Artillery 

Robertson, Arthur, 5th Black Watch 

Robertson, Thistleton, Royal Engineers 

Rodgers, John, Royal Engineers 

Ross, Alfred, R. A. M. C. 

Sadler, George, Cameronians 


Sanderson, Robert, Royal Engineers 

Sanderson, William, Royal Field Artillery 

Sangster, Robert, Royal Scots 

Samson, George, Royal Navy V.C. 

Schofield, W. R ., Royal Navy ^J^Ud 

Scott, Allan, Royal Field Artillery 

Scott, Alex. E., Royal Engineers 

Scott, William B., Royal Navy 

Scroggie, Dr Frank H., R. A. M. C. 

Sellars, Robert J. B., 4th Black Watch 

Shepherd, James, 5th Black Watch 

Shepherd, John, Royal Engineers 

Simpson, Andrew, K. 0. S. B. 

Simpson, Alexander, 5th Black Watch 

Simpson, Albert, 5th Black Watch 

Simpson, James, Royal Engineers 

Simpson, Kenneth, 5th Black Watch 

Simpson, William, 9th Black Watch 

Simpson, George, K. 0. S. B. 

Small, David, 5 th Black Watch 

Smith, Alex., R. A. M. C. 

Smith, Alfred T. W., R. A. M. C. 

Smith, Charles, Army Service Corps 

Smith, Fred. M., Scottish Fusiliers 

Smith, Arthur, Army Service Corps 

Smith, George, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 

Smith, Joe, Scottish Horse 

Smith, David, 5th Black Watch 

Smith, William, jr., 2nd Black Watch 

Smith, William, 5th Black Watch 

Snowball, Bertie, 5 th Black Watch 

Soutar, John F., Scottish Horse 

Soutar, George, 5th Black Watch 

Soutar, R. L. G., Royal Engineers 

Soutar, Robert, R. A. M. C. 

Soutar, Rev. Robert, 10th Black Watch 


Soutar, Douglas, Fife and Forfar Yeomanry 

Spalding, George, R. A. M. C. 

Spalding, Andrew, Red Cross Hospital 

Spalding, Charles, Canadian Forces 

Spalding, John, 5th Black Watch 

Spink, David, Royal Engineers 

Stark, Alex., 5th Black Watch 

Stewart, Andrew, R. A. M. C. 

Stewart, David, Fife and Forfar Yeomanry 

Stewart, John, Royal Engineers 

Stewart, Robert, Royal Navy 

Stevenson, William, R. A. M. C, Australia 

Stiven, Robert, Royal Navy 

Stott, David, 1st Scots Guards 

Stott, William G., 5th Black Watch 

Suttie, David, Scottish Horse 

Suttie, Peter, Royal Garrison Artillery 

Taylor, Frederick, Army Ordnance Corps 

Taylor, Robert, 5th Black Watch 

Thompson, David, Fife and Forfar Yeomanry 

Thomson, Alex., 4th Black Watch 

Thomson, David, 23rd City of London Regiment 

Thomson, James, Royal Engineers 

Thomson, Alex., Royal Engineers 

Thomson, William, Army Service Corps 

Thow, David A. R., Royal Engineers 

Tosh, George, Canadian Forces 

Vannet, Alfred, Royal Naval Division 
Vannet, George, Royal Scots 
Vannet, James, Royal Naval Division 

Walker, Robt. F., 4th Royal Scots (Queen's Edin. Regt.) 
Warner, F., Royal Field Artillery 
Watson, Alexander, Royal Naval Division 


Watson, James, Lothian Horse 
Watson, James, 5th Black Watch 
Watson, Percy, 4th Black Watch 
Webster, William, 5th Black Watch 
White, William, Cameronians 
Whitelaw, Walter, Royal Field Artillery 
Whitton, William, R. A. M. C. 
Whitton, George, Scots Guards 
Whyte, James, 5th Black Watch 
Whyte, James, 4th Black Watch 
Whyte, Wilfred, R. A. M. C. 
Williams, Charles, 5th Black Watch 
Williams, John, Army Pay Corps (Teintsin). 
Wilmot, Frank, 12th Lancers 
Wilson, David, 5th Black Watch 
Wilson, George, Army Ordnance Corps 
Wilson, Thomas. 5th Black Watch 
Winter, James, Royal Horse Artillery 
Winter, James, Scottish Horse 
Winter, James F., senr., 5th Black Watch 

Yeaman, John (D.C.M.), 1st Royal Dragoons 
Young, Peter, Royal Engineers 


Right Hon. The Earl of Dalhousie, 2nd Scots Guards 
Lieut. -Col. Scrymgeour Wedderburn, 5th Black Watch 
Captain William Neish, 1st Gordon Highlanders 

Armit, James Wilson, 16th Royal Scots 

Birrell, James, R. A. M. C. 

Crichton, Rev. Thomas, 16th Royal Scots 


Davidson, George, Scots Guards 

Irons, George, Royal Scots Fusiliers 
Irons, James, Scots Greys 
Irons, William, Camerons 

Johnston, Alexander, Royal Navy 

Keillor, John, 1st Black Watch 
Kidd, James, Black Watch 
Kinnear, William, R. A. M. C. 

Lamb, David, Royal Scots 
Lawrence, James, 5th Camerons 
Lumsden, John, 4th Black Watch 

M 'Donald, Robert, 2nd Scots Guards 
Milne, Alexander, 5th Black Watch 
Murdoch, Benjamin, Royal Scots 
Murdoch, James, Army Service Corps 

Ogilvie, Alexander, Fife and Forfar Yeomanry 

Reid, Stewart, 4th Black Watch 
Kendall, William, 2nd Black Watch 
Robertson, George, Scottish Horse 

Scott, Alexander. Fife and Forfar Yeomanry 

Sinclair, James, Fife and Forfar Yeomanry 

Spalding, James, 4th Black Watch 

Spalding, John, 5th Black Watch 

Stott, David Kidd, 3rd Scots Guards 

Sturrock, James, Wireless Operator, H.M.S. "Otway." 

Tarbat, William, Scots Guards 

Walker, Alex. L., 2nd Camerons